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EMUSA, a famous auto parts brand across the United States. Since we founded in 2005, EMUSA—the brand owned by Emotor USA—helps millions customers upgrade and repair their cars.

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I used this product for the first time at Disney Springs, lots of walking which for me is not an easy task anymore. My scooter was a blessing to use, scoots around easily and the battery usage was excellent. The price was just right.

Teana J. Roberts

Scooter arrived 3 days early, via Fedex. Solid Scooter. Very pleased, so far. Runs smoothly. Haven't figured out how to separate the base into 2 pieces, yet. Will work on it.... So far, the scooter appears to be very well made. Nothing flimsy about it. Red color is AWESOME!! Love it!! Each piece seems quite heavy for a girl/lady to lift. Hoping I can separate base in order to lift each piece into the cargo area of my suv. This was purchased for my husband, so I'm the person doing the dissassembling in order to get it into the cargo area.
I thought the turning radius might have been better. It takes a few tries to get in and around objects.
Selecting the speed is not a problem. You can really go as slow as you like.
Chair is very well made & comfortable.
Lights are very bright.
Charging the battery went smoothly. Easy-Peasy!!
I bought this Scooter, knowing it would not be useful in some situations, but would be a big help in other areas. My husband is unable to walk or stand w/o the assistance of a rollator. I push him to our car and wherever we go w a Transporter or Wheelchair. Having this Scooter will give me some relief and give him some freedom.

Carol Netsvet

I looked around at the "name brand" mobility scooter and this one is exactly like several of the "name branded" scooters, BUT $200 to $400 less. I received it in 4 days from California to Florida, FAST SHIPPING. The scooter was well packed in the shipping box. It was nearly assembled in 5 pieces (the base and tiller, the battery, the seat, the seat arms, and the basket). Took me less than 30 minutes to assemble, WITH NO TOOLS other than my fingers!!!!!! The battery was nearly fully charged, so after I assembled it I was off to the races.

I rode it from my living room, where I assembled it, to my driveway, Did a few laps of the driveway (I have a large driveway), then off into the street immediately in front of my house. Mind you it's 11PM, so its dark, the headlight lit the way perfectly fine. After a few laps of the street, it was up to the corner convenience store (about 1/2 mile away) and back, it did great. All in all, I suppose I rode the little red "hot rod" for about 2 miles. The battery meter never went down.

I've now come in for the evening and have place the scooter on the charger. So far, I'd have to give it a 10 out of ten. The ONLY "complaint" I have is that it doesn't have tail lights, only reflectors, but then again, how much am I going to be using it when I need tail lights.

So specifics, I'm 5' 8" tall and weigh 245#. The scooter fit me well and had plenty of zip to get me around. We're going to Universal Studios Orlando next month, so If I discover any limitations in that trip, I'll update this review.

Jim Flowers


Self Propelled Walk Behind Floor Machine (E-Motor 300X)

19" Brush with 33" Squeegee

Brush Motor: 550W

Cleaning Efficiency: 3200 M²/H

Recovery Tank: 55L / 14.5 Gal

Clean Tank: 50L / 13 Gal

Working Time: 2.5-3 Hours

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Ride-On Floor Cleaning Scrubber Machine (E-Motor 500X)

21" Brush with 38" Squeegee

Brush Motor: 550W

Cleaning Efficiency: 4850 M²/H

Recovery Tank: 80L / 21 Gal

Clean Tank: 70L / 18.5 Gal

Working Time: 2-2.5 hours

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